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Helping to transform your organization's health

We offer a range of services in culture change, leadership development, diversity & inclusion and executive coaching.  

Creative Working


Looking for a sustainable change programme? Going beyond a quick fix, we explore and examine your organization's identity and unique culture as well as the many paradoxes that organizations face. We determine whether your culture and its underlying behaviours complement or distract you from focussing on and achieving your goals. ​Services include cultural audits, employee and stakeholder engagement, internal communications, and organizational strategy and development.

It is often stated that people fear change.  They don’t, they fear loss and not understanding what’s in it for them. We can help you amplify your strengths, dampen your weaknesses and build your achievements. The bottom line: we set your organization up for success.


Leadership is not an ideology…it is a reality! Leading is not about personality, style, or power.  It is about acts of leadership. With this philosophy as our starting position, we offer blended leadership programmes that cover leadership-style, behaviours, mindset and skills that develop your leaders to adapt to known and unknown challenges. We also provide executive coaching to help executives focus on self through supportive conversation.


Our programmes promise to engage, involve, immerse, educate, stretch and challenge participants in their own developmental journey. We help you move your leaders from technical experts to integrators. We place emphasis on the individual understanding and honing their leadership style, and how they cultivate their authenticity, responsibility and self-awareness.

Team Meeting
Group Seflie


Diversity is a trend, but inclusion is the imperative. It is about doing the right thing when no one else is watching or asking! Whilst we acknowledge diverse representation as a baseline, the essence of sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion is to release inclusive behaviours and action across the organization.

Given this, our DEI offerings, framed in a change process, centres on culture, leadership and performance drivers. Our leading edge analytical tool - LEAD³ ™  - offers a process that develops and builds diversity capabilities at structural, cognitive and behavioural levels.

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