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We offer you thought leadership nuggets via published research, articles, books and videos. As well as being fun, we hope that these pieces stimulate and provide “food for thought.”


The Aperture for Modern CEOs: Aligning Purpose and Focus
by Sylvana Storey



Leadership Performance
Business psychology in action pauline
Psychology in Practice


Support Group

Hypocrisy and BS in Business

Sylvana Storey | 19.01.2018

Human Pyramid

Is Humanity Rotten to the Core?

Sylvana Storey | 30.07.2017

Working at home

The Age of Disconnection, Inequality and Ego

Sylvana Storey | 09.05.2017

Colleagues at Work

We need to Talk about BEHAVIOUR in Organisations

Sylvana Storey | 14.12.2017


Is There Such A Thing As LEADERSHIP? LEAD³

Sylvana Storey | 08.07.2017

We need to Talk about BEHAVIOUR in Organisations

Written by Sylvana Storey

Is There Such A Thing As LEADERSHIP? LEAD³

Written by Sylvana Storey

Senior Woman

Humans vs. Technology. Anxiety vs. Hope

Sylvana Storey | 04.05.2017

London City

The Shard Building

Sylvana Storey | 05.04.2017

Opera Actor

To Be or Not To Be ME? That is the question!

Sylvana Storey | 07.02.2017

People with Masks

Unconscious Bias - Making Millions From Theory

Sylvana Storey | 15.01.2017


The Diversity Deficit

Sylvana Storey | 26.01.2015

Asian manager and his team planning a strategy

Helooooooooo Strategy


Sylvana Storey | 15.10.2014

Family Hiking

Revolutionising the Leadership and Diversity Relationship

Sylvana Storey | 22.04.2014


Dr. Sylvana Storey, 2019 - 2020
Research Clients Include: 

Alkhabeer Capital | Environmental Resources Management (ERM) | Haier | Havas | Hyatt Hotels Corporation | Imec | Ipsos Mori | John Lewis & Waitrose | Maersk | Nestlé | New York Times | Novartis | PHC Holdings | Serpentine Gallery | The International Investor
Dr. Sylvana Storey, 2009 - 2010
Research Clients Include: 

Anglo Platinum | AkzoNobel | Al Baraka Bank | L'Oreal | Mahindra & Mahindra | Novartis | Skanska


I offer a collection of books and videos that I have learnt from, expanded my thinking or nourished my soul.

Book Recommendations

  1. Ariely, Dan. Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape our Decisions New York: Harper-Collins 2009

  2. Bregman, Rutger. Humankind: A Hopeful History. Bloomsbury Publishing 2020.

  3. Brown, Brené. Daring Greatly. Penguin Group. 2013

  4. Cain, Susan. Quite: Growing Up as an Introvert in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. London: Penguin. 2013

  5. Chopra, Deepak. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Amber Allen Publishing 1994

  6. Eddo-Lodge, Reni. Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race. Bloomsbury Circus. 2017

  7. Grant, Adam. Originals. Viking. 2016

  8. Gurri, Martin. The Revolt of The Public - And The Crisis Of Authority In The New Millennium. Stripe Press. 2018.

  9. Handy, Charles. The Empty Raincoat. Random House Business. 1995

  10. Klein, Gary. Sources of Power: how People Make Decisions. The MIT Press. 20th Anniversary Edition. 2020

  11. Novogratz, Jacqueline. Manifesto for a Moral Revolution: Practices to build a better world. Henry Holt and Company. 2020

  12. Peck. Scott M: The Road Less Travelled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth. Century Hutchinson Ltd. 1988

  13. Pink, Daniel. A Whole New Mind. Penguin Group. Great Britain. 2008

  14. Schein Edgar, H and Schein, Peter A.  Humble Leadership.  The Power of Relationships, Openness, and Trust. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. Oakland, CA. 2018

  15. Tolle, Eckhart. The Power of Now. Hodder & Stoughton, 1999, 2005.

  16. Vanzant, Iyanla. One Day My Soul Just Opened Up. Simon Schuster UK. 1998

  17. Zukav, Gary. The Seat Of The Soul. Rider. 1990.

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