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Sylvana Storey (BSc MSc MBA DBA)

An organisational provocateur who will not rest until at least half the CEOs of all Fortune 500/FTSE 100 companies are focused on their organization's health.


I am renowned for having uncomfortable conversations with leaders that lead to successful learning outcomes and behavioural change. Organizational challenge is what I do.


I do this by aligning behaviours and mindset to your organizations purpose and strategy and my unique skill set in business and neuro, social and business psychology enables me to do this. My 25+ years of operational business experience, provides me with the credibility to challenge your organization’s DNA and my clients demonstrate the courage to step-up to meet this challenge.


I access every fibre of your business that you don't see, put it under the microscope, and then determine how and where it relates to the big picture. This pans out into the creation of bespoke programmes that blends multiple ways of developing and implementing change.


Programmes are often intense, demanding and emotional. Most important is the outcome: increased stakeholder value; enhanced employee engagement; inclusive and collaborative cultures.

Call me your organizational doctor, professional expert or process consultant - my title does not matter! What matters is that the job gets done. Your organization becomes increasingly integrated, collaboration and innovation prevail and transformation to bottom, side to side, and bottom to top.



I am Dr Sylvana Storey and we are Global Organizational Integrators. Partnering with Global Organizational Integrators is about improvement through working together.


Our core practice of facilitating togetherness in your organization, enables you to transform your ways of working and being. 


We are guided by our purpose of unleashing human potential through our focus on togetherness.  Togetherness is baked into all aspects of your business to ensure an inclusive and sustainable future.


Our four values support our purpose and are integral to the way we partner with our clients and how we wish our clients to partner with us.

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